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Services. Website development

The project «Web-Technology» offers a wide range of services for development, implementation and maintenance of websites and Internet portals:

  • Consultation on the intended purpose, and structural fill the Future Internet Resource
  • Design development
  • Re-design of existing resource
  • Development of structure and site navigation
  • Providing content management system
  • Site content
  • Nesting site fit the mold
  • Development of logotypes
  • Development of banners
  • Optimization and site promotion

Our team has extensive experience in developing and marketing of complex functional internet resources. Each our solution is based on customer requirements and purpose site, as well as the specifics of its subsequent maintenance, level of training of supporting personnel in the subsequent maintenance of the company site. Our experts will conduct your a preliminary consultation, which will help you determine what you want to receive from the future site in your work.

Creating a site consists of a set of the following steps:

  • Preliminary negotiations and consultations - this is how to begin the entire project of creating the site. At the talks, we define the goals of your company, your expectations from the Internet resource, determine the specific activities, work methods, the situation with competitors. Well-developed technology allows us to pass the negotiations to establish contact with the client without overloading the dialogue awkward for him terminology.
  • Marketing analysis - this is what is necessary to plan the rest of the site design. On the basis of negotiations we are studying the existing situation, analysis of the target audience, the specifics of the demand on the Internet for goods or services to the customer, the quantitative analysis of existing queries, analysis of competitors' sites and their policies on the Internet.
  • Drawing up technical specifications and contract for services - the formation of the necessary documentation, plan of work (technical requirements, schedule), collecting the necessary materials for the site selection provider with the necessary hosting plan.
  • Consultations and the establishment of the structure and pattern - the formation of design to customer requirements and providing detailed advice on the specifics of the Internet.
  • Develop design models - creating a complete graphic appearance of the home page, Flash animation, the design options of colors, the development of appropriate banners.
  • Installing and configuring a single content management system (optional) - content management system allows you to manage information on the site, control the structure and content of the site, to make new information on the site, visually edit the contents of web pages, maintain a backup site, it is convenient to control the spread on the site files.
  • Nesting - Build pages according to their subsequent registration in search engines, creating Flash animation, integration of software solutions for the functionality of the site (CMS).
  • Setting - domain name registration, hosting, setup hosting organization (connection systems) statistics collection site, the launch of a mailbox, setting up programs, server hosting, testing site.
  • Site promotion - a complex of actions on the registration site in search engines.
  • Education - consultations customer's staff to work with the site and content management system.
  • Delivery of material - the provision of all materials (files of design, animation, all the necessary passwords, banners) to the customer.

All our services conform to modern realities of the Internet and enable your company to make themselves worthy.


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Создание сайтов
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Создание сайтов
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