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Создание сайтов
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Website development. Creation and promotion of sites. Development, creation, maintenance and promotion of sites and Internet portals

Why a website?

The Future of advanced technology is a quick access from customers to their resources as well as to goods and services that they can acquire. One such technology World Wide Web. That technology will allow you to enter the house to your potential customers.

For current users of the Internet is much easier to engage in dialogue with the virtual machine search engine, not the operator of reference services.

Internet has reached a level where the creation of a duplicate of the company (website development) in the network is a requirement and the lack of their own pages equivalent to
the absence of office or the logo
of the company. Internet allows you to shorten the path from a potential client to you.

The visitor of global network can find you in a search engine on keywords, by both name companies and by appearance services and commodities that you offer.

Parallel to your real work, the company can deploy a virtual Internet activity, which will affect one of the areas in which the Company or all of the existing ones.

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The project «Web-technology" offers a wide range of services for the design, creation and maintenance of websites and Internet portals.

Our team has extensive experience in developing and marketing of complex functional internet resources. Each our solution is based on customer requirements and purpose site, as well as the specifics of its subsequent maintenance, level of training of supporting personnel in the subsequent maintenance of the company site. Our experts will conduct your a preliminary consultation, which will help you determine what you want to receive from the future site in your work.

Website development

Websites, business cards, corporate websites, online shops and catalogs. The author's design. Managed platform (CMS) for websites of any kind. Free training for your staff manage the site.

Website promotion

Promotion in Yandex and Google for the selected keyword. Registration in catalogs and message boards. Help in choosing strategies and internet marketing tools.

Support sites

Information and technical support of your site. Content Management website. Protection and treatment of viruses. Back up the file system and database site.


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Создание сайтов
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Создание сайтов
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